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Penny Black Tattoos is proud as punch to work with some of the best tattoo artists Brentwood has to offer.

Check out the profiles below to put a face to a name.



Though he’s a big fan of portraiture, Jake’s portfolio is as varied as they come. Having worked at our sister studio Harry Flashmans in Chelmsford for a number of years, Jake is fast becoming one of the most in-demand tattoo artists in Essex.

Jake’s biggest influences are Lianne Moule, Chris Crooks, Luka Lajoie and Ray Johnson. He’s also been lucky enough to spend time with Jason Butcher. When he’s not tattooing, he’s watching films, listening to music and pouring over Japanese art.



Katherine Mae Bird is from the US and hails from Nashville, Tennessee, where she began her tattooing career in 1998. She favours colour traditional but loves tattooing full stop and would be delighted to accommodate any manor of creative ideas that you may have. With 20+ years of experience, she prides herself in making her clients ideas a reality, "Being able to pick peoples brains is definitely part of the job. I aim to interpret my clients ideas accurately and go above and beyond what they had imagined. If my clients are happy, I'm happy!".

She claims her influences are too numerous to mention, "I owe my abilities and career to an immeasurable plethora of influences throughout my lifetime. To try and list a few would be like playing favourites, and that's not fair to the others. Haha But I am especially grateful to all of the amazing tattooers I have had the pleasure to work alongside that have taught me so very much. Without them I would be nowhere."


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