Piercings Price List.


Lobes: 1st, 2nd or 3rd holes £20 Each/£30 for both.

Helix/Frontal Helix £30.

Tragus/Anti-Tragus £30.

Conch £30.

Snug £30.

Daith £30.

Rook £30.

Naval (Belly Button) £30.

Lip (Labret/Madonna/Medusa/Monroe) £30.

Nostril/Nose £30.

Septum £30.

Eyebrow £25.

Nipple £35 for one, £50 fro both (Must be over 18).

Tongue £35 including Jewellery Change(Must be over 18).

Bridge £30.

Scaffold £40.

Dermal Piercings £35.

Surface Piercings £35.

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