Tattoo Studio

Brentwood based tattoo studio offering spectacular bespoke tattoos and traditional designs from talented artists.

Welcome to

Penny Black Tattoos

Corr blimey guvnor! We’re Penny Black Tattoos. We’re Brentwood’s newest tattoo parlour, and we’re bringing proper fine artwork to the town, if we do say so ourselves.

Come down to our studio for a butcher’s hook and meet our very talented guys and gals. Our designs are top-notch, and we’ll always work alongside you to create something totally from scratch that’s bang up the elephant.

Our Work

Whether you’re a black and grey fanatic, you’ve got your eye on a dotwork piece, or you fancy a pop at a full colour tattoo, we’re on hand to create something that suits you from the off.

Contact the studio

Got a question? Not sure what to expect? Have a gander at our FAQ page, or you can always drop us a line on 01277 500920 to run through your ideas with the team.